Nazi Germany

From beginning to end


The beginning of the Nazi Reign

January 30th 1933

Hitler became Chancellor of Germany (Nazi Germany Timeline, 16). This marks the beginning of the Nazi reign

Safe Living Space for Germans

February 3rd 1933

the Nazi party slowly came into play. Hitler created the Nazi party policy which was meant to ensure that the Germans had a secure living space (Nazi Germany Timeline, 17).

Communist Party Banned

February 27th 1933

the communist party is banned due to the Reichstag fire, allowing the Nazi party to gain the majority in Germany’s government (Nazi Germany Timeline, 18).

Socialism Killed Off

June 30th, 1934

150 socialist leaders were killed, marking this event as ‘The Night of Long Knives’ (Nazi Germany Timeline, 27).

The introduction of Hermann Goering

February 26th, 1935

Hermann Goering, one of Hitler’s closest allies, went against the Treaty of Versailles (Nazi Germany Timeline, 30).

Invasion of Czechoslovakia

March 15th, 1939

Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, going against another agreement known as the Munich Agreement (Nazi Germany Timeline, 39).

Invasion of Poland

September 1st 1939 - September 3rd 1939

Hitler invaded Poland and were victorious (Nazi Germany Timeline, 43). On September 3rd 1939, Britain and France declared war (Nazi Germany Timeline, 44).

Declaration of War on the United States

December 11th 1941

Hitler declared war on the United States after the Pearl Harbour Bombing (Nazi Germany Timeline, 52).

Final Plan Approved

January 20th 1942 - January 20th, 1942

plans for using gas in concentration camps are approved (Nazi Germany Timeline, 53).


June 6th 1944

D-Day, also known as the day the allies invaded France (Nazi Germany Timeline, 57).

The End of the Nazi Reign

April 30th 1945 - November 20th, 1945

Hitler committed suicide on April 30th 1945 (Nazi Germany Timeline, 63). On May 2nd, 1945, Germany surrendered (Nazi Germany Timeline, 64). Finally on November 20th, 1945, the Nuremberg Trials took place (Nazi Germany Timeline, 65). This meant all war criminals would be punished for crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace, etc.