Arab-Israeli Conflict


Abraham arrives in Canaan, and has a vision of God in which he makes a covenant promising that if he, his family, and followers keep the Commandments they will become chosen people & receive the land

1800 BC

The Hebrews are enslaved by the Egyptians. Moses leads them out of Egypt to Sinai Desert where they get the Commandments and wander for 40 years.

1250 BC

Joshua leads the Hebrews back to Canaan where they eventually conquer the land and settle.

1200 BC

King David conquers Jerusalem and makes it the capital. King Solomon builds first Jewish Temple there. In 800 BC the kingdom splits into Judea and Israel.

1050 BC - 586 BC

Babylonians attack Palestine, destroy the temple, and take most of the Jews into captivity. First dispora of the Jews.

586 BC - 538 BC

Babylonians are conquered by the Persians. Persians are conquered by the Greeks. Greeks are conquered by the Romans. Some Jews move back to Palestine.

538 BC - 63 BC

Romans try to romanize Jews. Jews revolt but are defeated and forced into exile. Some that survived revolt again and are banished forever. Judea is renamed Palestine. Second & greatest dispora of Jews

63 BC - 132 AD

Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Christianity develops and spread rapidly after his death

0 AD

Birth of Mohammad in Mecca. Mohammed introduces Islam to the region.

570 AD

Islam spreads rapidly. Jerusalem is named the 3rd holiest city of Islam after Mecca and Medina. 700 - 1000 AD is golden age for both Jews and Muslims in Palestine.

637 AD - 1072 AD

Palestine is overrun by Ottoman Empire control the area until end of WW1. Jews spread in another dispora, but maintain a strong sense of historical identity with Palestine & Jerusalem.

1517 - 1917

Theodore Herzel calls for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Herzel founded the Zionist movement. First Zionist World Congress is held in Switzerland.

1896 - 1897

Balfour Declaration- Chaim Weizman persuades British Secretary Arthur Balfour to declare in favor of a Jewish homeland. Arabs feel betrayed by British declaration.


First massacre of the Jews by Arabs in Palestine occurs after rumors of Jewish violation of Moslem holy places in Jerusalem.


Arab uprisings against British protesting greatly increased Jewish immigration to Palestine. Jews flee to Palestine from the pogroms against them under Hitler and Nazi Germany.

1933 - 1939

WW2 Holocaust in Nazi-controlled Europe. Jewish leaders in Palestine and their allies in worldwide Zionist organizations demand establishment of permanent Jewish state in Palestine.

1940 - 1945