Important Events For NZ Woman


13 Mäori women were signatories to the Treaty of Waitangi

February 6, 1840

Begining From Feb 6 until May 23, of the year 1840.

28 November 1893

28 November 1893

The First Family Planning Clinic opened in Auckland


The Oral Contraceptive Pill was introduced. New Zealand women are among the highest users of this form of contraception in the world.


The Domestic Purposes Benefit was introduced.

14 November 1973

First Family Planning began taking schools and community education programmes.

Approx. 1974

Te kohanga reo (preschool Mäori language nests) were formed.


The Minimum Wage Act was introduced entitling women over 20 years to the same minimum wage as men


kura kaupapa Mäori (primary schools with curriculum based on Mäori culture, taught in Maori).


Dame Catherine Tizard was appointed New Zealand’s first woman Governor-General


Sandra Lee was elected MP for Auckland Central, making her the first Mäori woman to be elected in a general seat.


Dame Silvia Cartwright was appointed New Zealand’s first High Court Judge.


Jenny Shipley became the country’s first woman Prime Minister.

December 1997

Helen Clark becomes NZ’s first elected Prime Minister.

December 5, 1999

Served three terms in New Zealand role of Prime Minister.

Margaret Wilson became New Zealand’s first woman speaker of the House of Representatives.

March 3, 2005

The Civil Union Act, passed by conscience vote, established civil unions for different and same sex couples.

26 April 2005

Same-sex marriage became legal in New Zealand

19 August 2013

This also amended other laws that were deemed discriminatory – Adoption as a same-sex couple for instance.

Historic $2B payout for aged residential care workers – largely women dominated industry.

1 July 2017