Into The Wild


Chris McCandless was born

February 12th 1968

Chris was born in El Segundo, California. His parents are Walt and Billie McCandless.

Chris graduates from high school

May 1986

Chris graduated from Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School in Virginia. That summer he traveled through out the country. He returned home only two days before his college school year started. Christopher was a very educated young man he had a very unique way of looking at things.

Chris graduates from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia

May 12th 1990

Shortly after he graduated he donated $25,000 from his savings to OXFAM an organazation that was dedicated to fighting hunger.

Chris abandoned his car and traveled the rest of his journey on foot

July 10th 1990

Chris' car had been destroyed by a violet flash flood. So he took this mishap as an opportunity to rid himself of all unnecessary belongings. He buried his deer-hunting rifle, striped his car of its Virginia plates. Then burned all one hundred twenty-three dollars in his wallet.

Christopher Johnson McCandless changes his name to Alexander Supertramp

August 1990

Chris wanted to start a entirely new life for himself.

Chris leaves the grain elevator in South Dakota and is on the road again

October 23rd 1990

Wayne Westenberg had no work for Chris because of his imprisonment, so Chris left Carthage, South Dakota. Chris was a very determined worker, so he was well liked at the grain elevator.

Chris conoes everywhere

October 28th 1990 - January 16th 1991

Chris canoes on the Colorado River,and many other bodys of water. In January he abandons the canoe due to weather conditions. Chris had not spoken to or seen another human in thirty-six days.