World War I


Assassination of Ferdinand

June 28, 1914

Sparked the outbreak of WWI

Declare War

July 28, 1914

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

Declare War

August 1, 1914

Germany declares war on Russia

Germany invades

August 4, 1914

Germany invades Belgium and Britain declares war on Germany.


August 23, 1914 - August 30, 1914

The battle of Tannenberg

Trench warfare

September 5, 1914 - September 12, 1914

The German army is stopped before Paris by the British and French at the First Battle of the Marne. The trench warfare begins and lasts 4 four years

Naval blockade

November 2, 1914

The British start a naval blockade of Germany.


February 4, 1915

Germans begin to use submarines against Allies.

Ottoman Empire

April 25, 1915

The allies attack the Ottoman Empire at the Battle Of Gallipoli


October 14, 1915

Bulgaria enters the war by declaring war on Srebia


February 21, 1916

Battle of Verdun begins between France and Germany


May 31, 1916

Largest naval battle. Fought between Britain and Germany in the North Sea

Battle of Somme

July 1, 1916

Battle of Somme starts. Over one million soldiers either wounded or dead


January 19, 1917

Germany tries to convince Mexico to join the war


March 8, 1917

Russian Revolution begins

U.S joins

April 6, 1917

United States enters war declaring war on Germany


November 7, 1917

The Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Government

Woodrow Wilson

January 8, 1918

Woodrow Wilson issues his "fourteen points" for peace and an end to the war

Another battle

July 15, 1918

The second battle of the marne begins


November 11, 1918

Germany agrees to an armistice and the war ends

End of WWI

June 28, 1919

The Treaty of Versailles is signed by Germany. Ended the war