envirmental science


Colonists and explorers proceed to explore land inhabited by native people and a many groups of animals

1500 - 1700

Explorers, fur trappers, and mountain men movewest as resources are being drained at current area

1700 - 1800

The Louisiana Purchase inlardred the republic and romanticism furthers in art and literature

1800 - 1850

The Antiquities act give the right to U.S presidents to make national monuments and the national park system was created

1900 - 1950

Boy scouts of amenca was founded


Boy scouts planted 12,000 war gardens


Philturn Rockey Moutain scout camp was made


Philmont Scout Ranch and there were 543 councils 831 campsites and 288,545acers of land owend by Boy Scouts of America

1940 - 1949

Bell Labs made solar cells for space activities

1950 - 1959

People start to play bigger role in the Wilderness movement

1970 - 2000

Scouting keep America Beautiful Day

1970 - 1979

First Earth Day

Approx. April 22 1970

first Scouing for food event

1980 - 1989

more than a million pounds collected

3,600 scout leaders and scouts ad 5.6 mil wort of improvements made to National parks


BP Oil Spill

April 20, 2010

Thousands of Eagle projects and service projects done