US History Timeline


Christopher Columbus discovers America


This was super important because it began a massive exploration of the world. Also was one of the first contacts with America, where we all live.

The Revolutionary war begins


Began the battle with Lexington and Concord. France, Spain and Dutch sided with America. King George III waged a war of attrition.

Declaration of Independence


It listed citizen rights, gave power to the people. "Right of Revolution". Listed changes needed to made to the Government. Denounced being a colony of Great Britain. This one of the most important events in US history.

Treaty of Paris


Officially ended the Revolutionary war. It was very "generous" in terms of land boundaries. 50,000 american casualties by the end.

US Constitution ratified


Supreme law of the US. Established the rules and separate powers of the 3 branches. First 10 amendments are the Bill of Rights (ratified in 1791).

Louisiana Purchase


Covered territory from Louisiana to the border of Idaho. Was 15 million USD.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

1804 - 1806

Was the first transcontinental expedition to the Pacific coast undertaken by the US. The mission by Jefferson was the find a direct and practicable water communication.

Civil war begins


The war was between Union and Confederate state of America. It is the deadliest war in America history.

Alexander Bell invents the telephone


First device that aloud you to hear voices over a long distance. Eliminated the telegraph.

Thomas Edison invents the light bulb


Before this invention the world lived in darkness or with candles. People used to sleep for 10 hours now only 8 hours because of this invention.

Ford Model T was available


Regarded as the first affordable automobile. It opened travel to the middle class.

The war to end all wars begins for the US


The US was only in the war for a year, and fought for a few months. They entered to war for these reasons unrestricted submarine warfare, Zimmerman notes, and moral responsibility. Also ended us isolation.

Jazz Singer was released


The first feature length motion picture with synchronized dialogue sequences, it started the decline of the silent film era. Was 422,00 to make ended with 3.9 million.

Attack on Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

Was supposed to occur after Japan declared war but ended up being a surprise attack. Forced US into WWII.

Atomic bombs are dropped on Japan


Two nuclear bombs were dropped, one on Hiroshima and the other on Nagasaki. There were 165 double survivors of both bombs.

Soviets launch Sputnik


Began the space race between US and Soviets. Lasted until 1975 when Apollo spaceflight mission was concluded.

JFK is elected president


Was an incredible charismatic president, connected with the people. Won popular vote by .2%. Excellent orator.

Vietnam War begins


The war began in Laos and ended at the fall of Saigon in 1975. Turned out to be one of the costliest wars in terms of lives lost and resources spent. Ended in a NVA victory.

Apollo 11 lands on the moon


Effectively ended the space race with a US victory. Armstrong and Aldrin first men on the moon.

NES is released


While its not the first video game released it is regarded as one of the best. It led the way for how games should be and look.