Cell Theory


Zacharias Janssen


Zacharias Jansen is born.

Spectacle Makers


They put several lenses in a tube and made a very important discovery - the object near the end of the tube appeared to be greatly enlarged, much larger than any simple magnifying glass could achieve by itself.

Robert Hooke


Robert was born on the Isle of Wight. He was the youngest of four kids, and his father and brothers were ministers of the church.

Robert's Apprenticeship


When Robert's father died, he left him enough money to get started in an apprenticeship. Robert studied under Samuel Cowper and Peter Lely.

Robert and Boyle


Robert went to work for several years with Robert Boyle.

Robert's Pendulum

1657 - 1658

Robert worked to improve the pendulum but gave up on his ideas. They were later used by future researchers.

Discovery of Microscopy


He discovered the "cell" through the use of microscopy, or the microscope.

Hooke's Death

March 3, 1703

Robert Hooke passed away at the age of 67.