Assasination of Archduke Ferdinand

June 28 1914

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

July 28, 1914

France declares war on Russia

August 1 1914

Germany attacks France

August 4 1914

2nd Battle of Ypres

April 22, 1915

First use of chronic gas; by the Germans

April 22 1915

Surgeon John McCrae wrote "In Flounders Fields."

May 3 1915

Battle of Verdun

February 1916

Surrender of British Troops due to Siege

April 29 1916

Battle of Jutland

May 1916

Battle of Somme

July 1916

Britain's cryptanalytic group intercept telegraph from German to Mexico

January 1917

Germans were promising Mexicans weapons if they should go to war with the United States

Abdiction of Czar Nicholas II

March 15 1917

U.S congress declares war on Germany

April 6 1917

U.S passes the espionage act

June 15 1917

Armistice with Germany signed

November 11 1918