History Timeline


Wealthy Westerners Create "Safe Zone"

November 1937

International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone set up a
neutral area of the city for citizens to seek refuge from Japan in.

Sino-Japanese War - Shanghai

November 26th, 1937

Japan wins a bloody battle against China in Shanghai
and keep an eye on Nanking as their next target.

China Moves Capital and Troops from Nanking

December 1st, 1937

China becomes fearful of losing their troops in Nanking and moves their official soldiers and capital from the city, leaving only untrained troops and many citizens.

The Nanking Massacre

December 13, 1937 - February 7th, 1938

Japanese soldiers murder infants, women, and the elderly,
along with raping women in the tens of thousands

Japan Takes Nanking

December 13, 1937

Japanese troops seize Nanking, along with their intention
to rape, pillage, murder, and destroy, and start their raid.

Nanking Declared Back in Order by Japan

Approx. January 1938

Japanese state that the city of Nanking was back in order, disbanding
the safety zone, and continuing to kill, rape, and pillage.

The New Puppet Capital

Approx. 1940

Nanking turned into a new capital for Japan’s
puppet government

IMTFF Formed

January 19th, 1946

IMTFE (International Military Tribunal for the Far East) formed by General Douglas MacArthur, this group would soon oversee the trials of hundreds of Japanese soldiers and higher-ups on the basis of their war crimes

Justice Served

April 26th, 1947

Commander of the 6th division, Lieutenant General Tani Hisao, executed for war crimes including rape, plunder, and massacre.