Getting informe of about the EPQ

15 June 2016

Talked to friends that have done the EPQ

Approx. 20 June 2016

This helped me to have ideas and to see how to do well in my coursework. I have asked them, what is the difficulty of it and if they had any advise.

starting my EPQ

16 July 2016

Found my EPQ topics

25 July 2016

Started the research

3 August 2016

Research on internet

10 August 2016

Visited library

14 August 2016

I wanted to check the books that they had on autonomous cars but also the history of the car industry.

Found my EPQ question

17 August 2016

Called tesla dealership for an interview

18 August 2016

Started writting

25 August 2016

Interview some car lovers

31 August 2016

I interview them on their opinion about autonomous cars and what they think will be the future of it

1000 Words on my ideas and plan

3 September 2016

Paper Work

5 September 2016

First EPQ meeting with my supervisor

8 September 2016

Correcting and analysing my EPQ supervisor comment

11 September 2016

work on my own

13 September 2016

I put myself some deadline so that i kept the control of my PEQ

Wrote my final plan

17 September 2016

At this point I thought it was going to be my final plan which wasn't because I changed my EPQ question few weeks late

Began some precise research on autonomous cars

25 September 2016

Wrote my introduction and my first paragraph

1 October 2016

I decided to do three main paragraph on three different area on the futures of cars

Meeting with my EPQ Teacher on the work done.

12 October 2016

She commented my work and gave me some advise so that I could Improve my work

I wrote the paragraph about my second idea

16 October 2016

More research

19 October 2016

EPQ meeting with my supervisor

20 October 2016

After writting 2000 words on autonomous cars my EPQ teacher and me realised that the future of cars was too optimistic and that it wasn't possible to writte an EPQ about it and get into the details of it. We then decided to narrow our EPQ topic to only autonomous cars.

Changed my EPQ question

20 October 2016

paper work

23 October 2016

Filled other pages of the record form

Work on my own

25 October 2016

I then created new deadline rearange the question and the paragraph I was going to do so that i kept control and focus on my courswork

Writing third paragraph

7 November 2016

Writing conclusion

29 November 2016

EPQ meeting with my supervisor

1 December 2016

Improving my epq

29 December 2016 - 3 May 2017

Correct spelling mistakes and essay writting mistakes

final look at the EPQ

10 May 2017

finished the EPQ

11 May 2017

EPQ presentation

12 May 2017