1960s popular music revolution


Beatlemania takes over

1963 - 31st December 1969

The Beatles Invasion of America 1st No1 hit on American Billboards

1st January 1964 - 31st January 1964

Beatles Tour of New Zealand, Dunedin

26th June 1964

Bob Dylan nearly retires but then returns with one of the best albums of all time

24th May 1965

The Rolling Stones Wellington Concert

1st March 1966 - 2nd March 1966

Bob Dylan nearly dies in motorbike accident

29th July 1966

Charles Manson starts the biggest homicide hippie cult of all time.

March 21st 1967

The Rolling Stone magazine is founded

November 9th 1967

The Woodstock Festival

15th August 1969 - 18th August 1969

John Lennon protests for soldiers in Vietnam

25th November 1969