War With Mexico


Battle of the Alamo

Feb 23, 1836 - Mar 6, 1836

A 13-day battle which was a major turning point in the Texas Revolution.

Election of 1844

1844 - January, 1845

James K. Polk is inaugurated

Texas Annexation


Texas becomes a part of the U.S. however, Mexico becomes mad and cuts off all relations with the U.S.

Polk sends Slidell to Mexico

November, 1845

Polk sends Slidell to Mexico to try to purchase Texas

The Mexican War

1846 - 1848

The U.S. formally declares war on Mexico.

General Zachary crossed the Nueces river

May 9, 1846

General Zachary crossed the Nueces river but since Mexico considers this to be their land, they attack the U.S.

California becomes apart of the U.S.

June, 1846

U.S. Naval forces take California as a possession of the U.S.

California becomes independent of Mexico

June 14, 1846

Oregon Treaty

June 15, 1846

The U.S sign the treaty with Great Britain. This treaty gave the U.S what is now known as Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and part of Montana.

The U.S. captures Mexico City

September 14, 1847

General Scott captures Mexico City and Mexico surrenders to the U.S.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

February 2, 1848

The U.S. takes 500,000 square miles of land from Mexico and Mexico accepts the Rio Grande as its southern border. The U.S. pays Mexico $15 million and also an extra $3.25 to pay off there debts.