Untitled timeline


Louis XIV

1643 - 1715

Louis XIV moves into Versailles


Louis XV

1715 - 1774

Louis XVI

1774 - 1793

European Events

England's Glorious Revolution


William & Mary replace James II and establish a constituional monarchy

Bad Harvest



Brawl at Tuileries Palace

February 28, 1791

The September Massacres

September 1, 1792 - September 30, 1792

Prisoners accused of treason and other crimes taken out of jail, put on public trial, and executed

Fall of Verdun

September 2, 1792

Prussians make major victories -> SPURS September Massacres

Battle of Valmy

September 20, 1792

Victory over Austrians/Prussians and stops them on their way to Paris

Battle of Jemappes

November 6, 1792

Political Events

Louis XIV revokes Edict of Nantes

October 1685

The edict gave rights and tolerance towards Calvinist Protestants

Calas Trial


Merchant Jean Calas is wrongfully executed for murder due to being Protestant

Monarchy's fiscal crisis begins


Calonne's reform proposals


Proposes tax on land for everyone; Abolish internal tariffs

Assembly of Notables


Discuss fiscal reforms -> Expect king to endorse reforms -> Doesn't -> Demand Estates General assembled -> Assembly dismissed

Parlement sent home

August 1788

Parlement returns to Paris

September 1788

Third Estate doubled

December 27, 1788

Grain Riots

March 1789

The Great Fear

March 1789 - August 1789

Estates General at Versailles

May 5, 1789

Sieyes suggests 3rd Estate meet independently

May 10, 1789

Louis locks 3rd Estate out of their meeting hall

June 3, 1789

Tennis Court Oath

June 20, 1789

Louis insists 3 Estates remain separate; militias form

June 23, 1789

Storm of the Bastille

July 14, 1789

Third Estate takes over, declares their militia the National Guard; Constituent Assembly replaces National Assembly to write a constitution

Abolition of Privilege

August 4, 1789

End of feudal dues, seigneurial rights, tax privileges

The October Days

October 5, 1789 - October 6, 1789

Lafayette leading National Guard; King calls his Flanders regiment to protect him; the Poissardes march on Versailles and Lafayette follows behind with his men

Church lands sold

May 1790 - August 1792

Church views this as sacrilegious

Civil Constitution of the Clergy

July 12, 1790

Asserts church as part of the constitutional structure and priests as employees of the state; Refractory priests make up 45%

Louis takes oath to Constitution at Champs de Mars

July 14, 1790

Crowds prevent Louis going to Easter festivities

April 18, 1791


June 20, 1791 - June 25, 1791

Louis XVI Reinstated

July 16, 1791

Massacre at Le Champ de Mars

July 17, 1791

Louis adopts the Constitution

September 14, 1791

Louis declares WAR ON AUSTRIA

April 20, 1792

Brunswick Manifesto

August 1, 1792

Duke of Brunswick threatens to attack France if they don't stop and reinstate the monarchy

King taken into custody

August 10, 1792

Monarchy is overthrown; new elections; Legislative Assembly -> Convention

The Convention

September 1792

First Republic Declared

September 21, 1792

Louis convicted guilty

January 15, 1793


January 21, 1793

Cultural Events

The Declaration of the Rights of Man

August 26, 1789

Pope declares the Civil Constitution blasphemous

May 1791