Coffee Timeline


Creation of the Modern Version of Coffee

Approx. 1300 B.C.

in Arabia Muslims discovered how to make coffee as we know it by boiling the beans.

Discovery of Coffee

Approx. 1200 B.C.

The exact date is unknown but coffee was used in the form of its fruit, a cherry like fruit, for a long time before we started making drinks from the beans.

First Coffee House


The first coffeehouse opened in Cario, Egypt. From there coffeehouse flourished all over the world and now are a very popular form of business.

An Attempt to Ban Coffee in Mecca


The governor believed coffee stimulated radical thinking and thought banning coffee would help unite his opposition.

Coffee Became the Favored Drink of the New World


After the revolution against the tax on tea and the Boston Tea Party, coffee quickly became the preferred drink instead of tea.

An Attempt to Ban Coffee in Prussia


Frederick the Great argued that coffee was superior to beer and the production and consumption of the popular drink was interfering with the production and consumption of beer.

First Dunkin Donuts


First Dunkin Donuts opened in Mass by William Rosenberg.

First Starbuck


The awareness of special coffee inspired the opening of the first Starbucks in Seattle.