Terence O'Neill

23rd March 1963 - 28th April 1969

Terence O'Neill - PM of NI

Caledon House Squat

August 1968

Austin Currie (N'list MP) squatted in a house due to unfair
housing allocation. He was later evicted and held a protest

Coalisland to Dungannon

24th August 1968

Police prevent marchers from reaching centre of Dungannon.

NICRA's Derry March

5th October 1968

Protest over housing allocation & Gerrymandering in Derry.
Apprentice Boys planned a counter-march.
Government ban all matches
RUC use batons against peaceful NICRA
Gerry Fitt MP appears bloodied on RTE condemning the police

5 Point Programme

22nd November 1968

Introduced by O'Neill in an attempt to stop the demonstrations
and violence.

"O'Neill's Solution to Protestants, Catholics, & Violence"

People's Democracy

January 1969

A more militant NICRA set up by Queen's University students

Burtollet Ambush

4th January 1969

People's Democracy march attacked 5 miles outside of Derry.
RUC did little to protect marchers.
Major riots break out across NI