Technology Advances


Story of Jinx & Ned

October 6, 1917 - October 28, 1918

This is when Ms. Sadie's story take place.

Storty of Abilene's Life In Manifest

May 27, 1936 - August 31, 1936

New Technology

Invention of the Band Aid


Invention of an Accurate Lie Detector


The first lie detector was not accurate as this one.

First Convertible


First 3D Movie

September 27, 1922

"Power of Love" was the first 3D movie and used red & green glasses.

Invention of Self-Winding Watch


This watch made it so the wearer did not need to do anything "special" to keep the watch accurate.

First Bulldozer

April 15, 1923

First Liquid-Fueled Rocket

December 14, 1926

First Movie With Sound

October 6, 1927

"Jazz Singer" was the first movie with sound.

First Electric Razor

May 13, 1930

Road Reflectors Were Invented