Periodic Table


Johann Dobereiner


He made Dobereiners triads which were a group of 3 elements that were similar to each other.

John Newlands


John Newland’s law of octaves was put forward after he arranged the elements then known into a table ordering them by relative atomic mass.

Dmitri Mendeleev


Mendeleev also arranged the elements into a table ordering them by relative atomic mass, but he arranged them so that elements which were similar were put into the same vertical columns in the table.

Lothar Meyer


Meyer made his own table which was more sophisticated because he related atomic number and atomic volume.

William Ramsay

1885 - 1894

William Ramsay discovered argon (jointly with Lord Rayleigh), helium, neon, krypton and xenon.

Lord Rayleigh


Rayleigh found the gas argon (Jointly with William Ramsay).