Russian time line


Karl Marx

1818 - 1883

The Communist Manifesto (1848)
Das Kapital (1867)

Tsar Alexander II

1855 - 1881

Emancpation of the Serfs


Tsar Alexander II created this and made the Mirs

Tsar Alexander III

1881 - 1894

George Pleckhnov


Liberation of Labour

Minster of Finance- Count Sergius

1892 - 1903

Tsar Nicholas II

1894 - 1917

Congress of Socialist Maxist


Pleckhanov arranged this

Russia and Japan invading Korea

February 1904

Russo-Japanese War

8 February 1904 - 5 September 1905

All Russian boats were shot down with in a short period
started because of territory , pride and racism and Nicholas want to unit the county behind him.

Japans surprise attack on Port Arthur

8th February 1904

Bloody Sunday

22nd January 1905

Father George Gabon: petition.
1) End the Russo- Japanese war
2) Better working conditions, including higher wages
3) Representative government
Out of the 150,000 people who marched, 130 killed and 450 wounded.

Treaty of Portsmouth

September 1905

Russia has to abandon all interests in China and Korea, including railway.
Russia has to pay indemnity to Japan but this never happened.
At home increased food shortages and high inflation, Still bad working conditions, healthcare etc and 100000 deaths at war.

Country at a standstill

October 1905

Nicholas finally admits action is required, he creates the Duma

Imperial Manifesto

30th October 1905

Aka October Manifesto

1st Duma

May 1906 - February 1907

Dumas were suppost to have a 5 year term
Had to have property ownership
Manifesto allows freedom of speech, assembly and religion
Prime Minister position created

The Run to WW1


Triple Entente- Russia, Britain, France

Stolypin's Reforms


Literacy and education
Increase in industrial outputs
Allows for creation of trade unions and collective bargaining
Reforms for peasants
Agricultural reforms

Triple Entente


Included Russia, Britain and France

2nd Duma

February 1907 - June 1907

Stolypin is Prime Minister

3rd Duma

June 1907 - 1911

Dominated by "The Octobrists"- The union of 17th October. founded by Alexander Guckkov, very right winged; as loyal as can be to the Tsar

Austria- Hungary




They take ovre Bonia- Herzegonvina
Serbia ask Russia for help; Russia gave them military supplies, also to Bulgoria, Greece and Uontenegro

Stolypin Assassination

September 1911

Miners go on strike


Police and Cossack's sent in; Massacred them. Tsar is blamed for the blood shed, just like bloody Sunday. The whole country goes on strike and protests.
Result of Stolypin Assassination