Regulatory aproval


Green light for KVAX vaccine in the U.S.

14 Nov 2013

Partnership with Lonza Group for canine cell therapy U.S. FDA trial

21 Jan 2014

Ethics approval to collect stem cells for off-the-shelf osteoarthritis treatment

09 Apr 2014

Global rights for new therapeutic human cancer vaccine

08 Jul 2014

AFL approval for use of HiQCell® stem cell therapy

27 Aug 2014

Kvax cancer vaccine available in Australia, US trial begins

11 Sep 2014

Ethics approval for Progenza human osteoarthritis trial

22 Apr 2015

Approval for personalized cancer immunotherapy trial

25 May 2015

Commercial rights for breakthrough stem cell technology

24 Nov 2015

Progenza stem cell therapy clears initial safety review

13 Jan 2016