Baroque Timeline


Guilio Caccini

1550 - 1618

Wrote Le Nouve Musique 1602 describing baroque vocal ornaments. Was involved in first operas, such as L'euridice.

Giovanni Gabrieli

1557 - 1612

1555-1612 An early instrumentalist of the late renaissance and early baroque. Wrote ensemble canzonas and early sonatas. Also accomplished in his sacred workss writing many motets.

Jacopo Peri

1561 - 1633

1561-1633 Wrote first operas at turn of 17th century. Dafne 1598, Euridice 1600. Inventor of recitative style, developed aria and ritornello.

Claudio Monteverdi

1567 - 1643

1567-1643 First operatic composer to gain recognition for the genre. Wrote L'orfeo. Got in the controversy with Artusi over 2nd pratica. Loves text painting and applied text expression to literally everything.

Girolamo Frescobaldi

1583 - 1643

(1583-1643) Main tocatta guy. Wrote organ masses and played them

Heinrich Schutz

1585 - 1672

1585-1672 Applied new styles to lutheran church music. Created symphonie sacre. Wrote Saul was verfolgot du mich. Also wrote historia, more commonly known as passions.

Francesca Caccini

1587 - 1645

1587-1645 Guilio caccinis daughter. Singer, pedagog, composer in Florcence. Highest paid musician after 1614 by medici. First extant opera by a woman.

Giacomo Carissimi

1605 - 1674

1605-1674 Leading composer of Latin oratorios. jephte 1648. Also composed cantatas.

Barbara Strozzi

1619 - 1677

1619-1677 Female composer of vocal music (cantatas and arias). Published more cantatas than any composer of her time. Lagrimie mei.

Jean-Babtiste Lully

1632 - 1687

1632-1687 Father of French opera and King Louis XIV's homeboy for 30 years. came up with tragedie lyrique, composed overtures. Armide, and Te duem

Dieterich Buxtehude

1637 - 1707

1637-1707 Primary inspiration to Bach. Best known for organ works. Wrote tocattas and fugues. Chorale preludes were his thing.

Archangelo Corelli

1653 - 1713

1653-1713 Wrote no vocal music. Trio sonatas, solo violin sonata, and concerto grosso. Pedagog for violin

Henry Purcell

1659 - 1695

1659-1695 Leading english dramatic composer. Wrote Dido and Aeneas in 1689.

Alessandro Scarlatti

1660 - 1725

1660-1725 Dominant Italian opera composer in naples, also known for cantatas. Solidified italian public opera style, including the da capo aria.

Elizabeth Claude Jacquet de la Guerre

1665 - 1729

1665-1729 Harpsichord prodigy, and strong independent woman. France. Wrote instrumental music including suites and violin sonatas.

Francois Couperin

1668 - 1733

1668-1733 Harpsichord. Blender or italian and French tastes. First composer of trio sonatas in france. Composed character pieces wiht evocative titles depicted in the music.

Antonio Vivaldi

1678 - 1741

1678-1741 Virtuoso violinist in Italy. Most known for his Concertos.

G.F. Handel

1685 - 1759

1685-1759 German late baroque composer. Best known for English oratorios (which he invented), and Italian operas. master of every type of vocal and instrumental music

J.S. Bach

1685 - 1750

1685-1750 Prolific composer in everything but opera. Virtuoso Organist and skilled violinist. Basically a working man, produced to make a living. Wrote a massive amount of stuff, most notably for organ.

Listening Excerpts

Guilio Caccini. Vendri l'mio sol


72 Solo Madrigal

Claudio Monteverdi "Tu se morta" from Orfeo


74d Opera recitative

Heinrich Schutz, Saul, was verfolgst du mich?


81 Sacred Concerto

Archangelo Corelli, Trio Sonata Op. 3 no. 2


94a Trio Sonata

Jean-Babtiste Lully, Armide, Overture


85a French Overture

Jean-Babtiste Lully, Armide, Enfin il est en ma puissance


85c tragedie lyrique

Elizabeth Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, "Gigue" from suite No. 3 in a minor


88e Gigue/suite

Henry Purcell, "When I Am Laid in Earth" from Dido and Aeneas


89b Aria

Dieterich Buxtehude, Praeludium in E major

Approx. 1690

95 Organ Prelude

Alessandro Scarlatti, Griselda, "In voler cio che tu brami"


93 Opera

J.S. Bach, Nun Komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV 62, no.1: chorus


103a cantata

G.F. Handel, "V'adoro, pupille," from Guilio Cesare


105b Aria