Jason Walker Independent Reading Project #4


Septimus gets back from the Queste, the only apprentice ever to do so.

20 bc

Beetle, Jenna, and Nicko all go to spend the night at a net loft.

19 bc

Septimus goes to go get them, leaving Nicko on Jenna's father's boat, The Cerys, but as they are leaving on Spit Fyre, his dragon, they get struck by lightning and are stranded on a mysterious island.

18 bc

Septimus finds Syarah Syara, who is Possessed by the Syren, and goes in the lair of the Syren, only to get chased out before the Syren Possesses him too.

17 bc

Septimus makes a hideout

16 bc

Wolf Boy

Wolf Boy is sent to do The Task, which includes fighting witches and a giant octopus-like thing called a The Grim.

19 bc

Wolf Boy and Lucy Gringe run away from the witches and jump on a departing skipper.

18 BC

The skipper is heading to the CattRock lighthouse to take the last source of Magykal Light from it. The crew take it, and Wolf Boy, Lucy, and the Guardian of the Light, Miarr, all follow them.

17 bc

This is what they follow the skipper in.

Wolf Boy and Lucy find Septimus' hideout on the island.

15 bc

All Characters

Nicko, enchanted by the Syren's song, crashes The Cerys into the island and the crew of the skipper jump on board and take control of the ship just as Septimus notices the Cerys.

14 bc

Septimus tells everyone and they board the ship, capture the skipper's crew, and rescue The Cerys' crew. They do this by shoving the skipper's crew in the hold.

13 bc

There is a big chest of warrior jinn in the hold. The crew grabs it, and with the help of a ghost, awake them and they start beating against the door.

12 bc

The jinn break through the door and start marching down to the lair of the Syren.

11 bc

Septimus makes him and Beetle unseen with his magyk, and they march in ahead of the jinn.

10 bc

They seal the hatch the warrior jinn want to go into, which goes to a tunnel which leads to Septimus and Beetle's home so the jinn can't invade it.

9 bc

The jinn break through, and Septimus and Beetle go up the nearest hatch, which takes them to where the others are, at the CattRock lighthouse.

8 bc

Septimus orders his jinnee to freeze them, since his is more powerful than them.

7 bc

The jinnee get frozen, just as they are about to kill the first person,

6 bc

Septimus and his friends come home.

5 bc