Untitled timeline


women given right to vote


roaring 20s

1920 - 1929

during this decade many advances in technology was made. electricity came in to use in the average household, and soon almost everyone owned a car.

jazz age


Agnes macphail elected in parliament


agnes macphail was the first woman elected into parliament

king byng crisis


King refuses to send troops to Britain during chanak crisis

halibut treaty


first document Canada signed without Britain, this represented the growing autonomy for Canada

old age pensions


stock market crash

1929 - 1954

farmers in the prairies were hit especially hard due to the dust bowl

women considered persons


black tuesday

october 29 1929

dirty 30s

1930 - 1940

bennett in office

August 7, 1930 - October 23, 1935

people took their anger out on bennett and named things after him such as the bennett buggy, and the bennett blanket. the bennett buggy was a car someone no longer could afford so they tore it apart and used it as a carriage

market at bottom

1932 - 1933

10,000 banks go bankrupt


work camps are established


these camps were for single unemployed men. the beds were often bug infested, the food was bad and there were long hours for only 20 cents a day

dust bowls

1932 - april 1935

the dust bowls were especially bad between these years. on "black sunday" the dust storms reach 60 mph, and over 100 acres of land lost their topsoil.

regina riot

july 1 1935

market recovers