German-Soviet non-aggression pact

August 23, 1939

Germany and soviet union signed a pact saying that they would not attack each other for next ten years

Creation of the Einsatzgruppen

September 1939

German invasion of poland

September 1, 1939

Germany starts invasion in poland and marks the beginning of WW2

US passes Neutrality Act

November 1939

act lifted the arms embargo

Fall of France

March 28, 1940

german invasion of france

Battle of britain

July 10, 1940

a military campaign during ww2

German invasion of soviet union

June 22, 1941

Adolf Hitler launches a massive invasion of soviet union

US enter WW2

December 7, 1941

US declares war on japan

Japanese attack on pearl harbor

December 7, 1941

hundreds of japanese pilot fighters attacked the naval base in pearl harbor

Executive order 9066

Feb 19, 1942

removal of any or all military areas

Battle of midway

June 4, 1942

Battle of stalingrad

February 2, 1943

Gemany and its allies attack soviet union


June 6, 1944

Liberation of the first holocaust camp

july 1944

Atomic Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima


Partisans shoot mussulini

April 28, 1945

Adolf hitler commites suicide

April 30, 1945

V-E day

May 8 1945

V-J day

august 14, 1945

Nuremburg trails

November 20, 1945