Post WW2 timeline project




-concern was the growing,as U.S.-based networks began to expand into Canada
-Canadian presence on the radio - to counter the American influence and protect Canadian culture

Canada and the UN

  • UN was formed after the end of ww2 and replaced the league of nations but, was bigger and more universal, it was created to -Maintain peace and security. -Develop friendly relations among nations. -Promote and encourage respect for human rights -Canada believes that working with other nations offers the best hope for dealing with global problems that ultimately affected Canadians.

The Cold War


-The Cold War was a state of tension after World War II between the Soviet Union and the United States.
- NATO was created in 1949 by western nations to provide collective security against the soviet union
-For both Canada's fear of nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union remained present, Canadians were active at various levels in trying to avoid such a event from occurring.



-Newfoundland gave up its independence to a British-controlled administration
-The British didn't want more of an empire and Canada had decided it wanted confederation, so they worked together to bring Newfoundland into Canada
-Newfoundlander would have to decide their future, they debated the possibilities.
-Newfoundlanders became Canadians in April 1949 with acceptance

Suez Canal Crisis


-The Suez Canal directly links the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, Egypt blocked the flow of oil, Nasser badly damage the British economy.
-When diplomacy failed , France, Britain and Israel secretly plotted to attack, without informing NATO allies. Canada was concerned that military action would divide the commonwealth.
-Pearson Canada's PM at the time developed the idea for the UN’s first, large-scale peacekeeping force,
-this act won Pearson the Nobel Peace Prize for his initiative in Egypt.

Constitution Act


-The Constitution Act, 1982 was a landmark in Canadian history allowing Canadians to amend their own Constitution without requiring approval from Britain.
-This is showing our complete independence from Britain even with the Statute of Westminster.

Canada and NAFTA


-NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) had created the largest free trade region in the world,
-created economic growth and helping to raise the standard of living for the people of all three member countries.