The Cold War- Timeline


Tsar Nicholas overthrown

Approx. 1917

Bolshevik Revolution

November 1917

Wilson's 14 points

January 1918

including the idea for the League of Nations which the US ended up not joining.

Treaty of Versailles


Peace treaty to end WW1

1st Red Scare

1919 - 1921

Economic Crisis for Germany, Italy, and Japan

Approx. 1920 - Approx. 1938

Lenin and Wilson Die


Stalin has killed at least 63,000

Approx. 1929 - 1930

Communism Collapses


Authoritarianism on the rise
sparks worst global depression ever

Cult of Personality begins

December 1929

begins after a lavish 50th B-Day party for Joseph Stalin
becomes a crucial part of Soviet Stalinist culture
the Soviet press presented Stalin as an all-powerful, all-knowing leader
Stalin's name and image became omnipresent

Stalin's campaign against collectivist agriculture

1930 - Approx. 1932

Kills between 5 and 7 million people

USSR is the worlds most powerful proletarian state

1930 - Approx. 1933

New Culture of Democracy

Approx. 1930 - Approx. 1938

"an ambitious, even audaciaous, strategy"
Democracy takes root in new European countries

Japanese Aggression in Manchuria


1.2million+ "kulaks" deported from Russia


Stalin deports kulaks (wealthy peasants) to remote places

Stalin kills and imprisons 3.6+ people

1937 - 1938

Stalin censors census to cover up his mass killings


Hitler collaborating with the Soviet Union

1939 - 1941

Nazi- Soviet Non- Aggression Pact

August 23, 1939

signed by Hitler and Stalin

Exposure of how fragile democracies can be

Approx. 1940 - Approx. 1943

Stalin Murders Leon Trotsky in Mexico


US begins to show interest in how the rest of the world is governed


Russia- more liberty less equality


Europe is completely devastated by war


Stalin Speech Criticizing Churchill

February 1946

Winston Churchill Speech against Stalin

March 5, 1946

2nd Red Scare in the U.S.

1947 - 1954

Indian and Pakistan Independence


"Essentially two worlds instead of one" - Bohlen


Truman's speech and introductions of the Truman Doctrine


Asks congress for aid for Greece and Turkey

Marshall Plan

1948 - 1951

Chaiang Kai-shek evacuates Chinese mainland


East Berlin established by Stalin


communist East Germany.

East Germany Begins to govern independents states


Poland, Czechoslovikia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria as well

Eastern European Communists 'purged'

1949 - 1953


1949 - Approx. Present

ALLIANCE: Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, West Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, The Neatherlands, Portugal, Turkey, The US

Formation of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany)

May 1949

Formation for the German Democratic Republic (East Germany)

October 1949

World Manufacturing output quadruples

Approx. 1950 - Approx. 1970

Sino-Soviet Treaty


Provided military support to Chinese during the Korean War

Pakistan maneuvered into CENTO and SEATO


Stalin offers reunification in return for neutralization

March 1952

Riots break out in Soviet ocupied East Berlin


Made their vulnerabilities clear

Beria's offer: Neutralization of Soviet Union for a reunified Capitalist German State

may 1953

Eisenhower's Domino Metephor


Pakistan accepted into SENTO



September 8 1954 - June 1977

ALLIANCE INCLUDING: Australia, Britain, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, The Phillipines, Thiland & the U.S.

West Germany joins NATO

October 1954

Globalization of Democratization

Approx. 1955 - Approx. 1995

Warsaw Pact

1955 - July 1991

ALLIANCE: Bulgaria, Czechoslovaia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Soviet Union

Pro communism

Khrushchev denounces the 'Cult of Personality"


"cult of personality" was founded by Stalinists after his death
was an unwelcome surprise for Mao when it was denounced
Khrushchev encouraged everyone to disassociate from it
to preserve "true communism"

Over a million depart from East Germany


Khrushchev's Secret 'De-Stalinization" Speech


Eisenhower Doctrine

January 5 1957

establishment of new Fifth Republic


Worldwide Famine

1958 - 1961

Produced by Mao
took over 30 million lives

around 2.7 million East Germans had fled to West Berlin


Vienna Summit


Bay of Pigs

April 17, 1961 - April 19, 1961

Berlin Wall

August 13, 1961 - November 9, 1989

Went up in one night
to stop people from fleeing from East Berlin
almost 100 miles long
Guards were instructed to kill anyone trying to cross it
an embarrassment for all of Marx-Leninism

Ngo Dihn Diem of South Vietnam attempts to negotiate with North Vietnam


Negotiation sparked because Diem was loosing many Americans

South Vietnamese Prime Minister assassinated in CIA coup

November 2 1963

Strategic Aims Limitation Talks Begin

1969 - Approx. 1973

Marxist government took power in Chile


takes over democratically

Soviet American Agreement capping intercontinental and submarine missiles each side could deploy


the Agreement caps

Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

1973 - 1995

CIA runs program of domestic surveillance against anti war protesters


Helsinki Accords

August 1, 1975

Deng Xianghong Economic Reforms


Marxist coup takes place in Afghanistan

April 1978

uprising forces Shah Reza Shan Pahlavi into exile

January 1979

SALT II Negotiations in Vienna- Treaty is Produced


signed by Carter and Breznev

Iran overthrows the Shah


Nicaraguan dictator's government falls into Marxist Sandinistas


Carter administration proposal to install Perishing II and cruise missiles in places in Europe


Iran overthrows the Shah


Solidarność is formed by the pope

August 1980

first independancet trade union in a Marxist-Leninist country

USSR is deteriorating

1981 - 1991

poor living standards and declining life expectancy

Brezhnev concession

June 24, 1981

Brezhnev conflict - people were starting to write about what was going on, uses military force in Czechoslovakia

Promising advance notice for military maneuvers
Permitting the peaceful change of international borders
Allowing signatory states to join or leave alliances
Recognizing human rights and fundamental freedoms

Moscow Summit

May 1988

Miklos Nemeth visits Gorbachev in Moscow


the majority of people in Germany do not support the idea of having two German states


Paris Charter

November 21 1990

Soviet troops in Vilnius fire at a crowd of demonstrators

January 1991

Saddam Hussein withdraws from Kuwait


Yeltsin's importance in "reasserting Russian political and economic control over the republics own affairs"


End of USSR


Yeltsin dissolves the Soviet Union


Boris Yeltsin abolishes communist party of the Soviet Union, takes all its property, disbands the cogress of the peoples deputies, installed council of representatives from the republics of the USSR

Lithuanians voted for independence

February 19, 1991

START I arms control treaty

July 30, 1991

Bush arrives in Moscow to sign the START I arms control treaty


Woodrow Wilson Presidency

1913 - 1921

Warren G. Harding Presidency

1921 - 1923

Calvin Coolidge Presidency

1923 - 1929

Stalin's Rule

1924 - 1953

he had caused 23 million deaths by the end of his rule

Herbert Hoover Presidency

1929 - 1933

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency

1933 - 1945

Hitler in power

1933 - 1945

Secretary of state Cordell Hull warns against the world being in economic crisis


Harry S. Truman Presidency

April 12, 1945 - January 20, 1953

Bolesław Bierut Rule of Poland

1947 - 1952

Ulbricht in power in Germany

July 1950 - May 1971

German Communist politician
spent the years of Nazi rule in exile in France and the Soviet Union

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidency

1953 - 1961

Georgy Malenkov's Rule

1953 - 1955

Nikita Khrushchev's rule

1955 - 1964

Mátyás Rákosi removed from office

July 1956

Mátyás Rákosi- Hungarian Stalinist leader. Removed from power by Khrushchev

John F. Kennedy Presidency

1961 - 1963

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidency

1963 - 1969

Richard Nixon Presidency

January 20, 1969 - January 20, 1974

watergate scandal
empeached but resigned first

Nixon's Watergate Scandal

June 17, 1972

Watergate = hotel and office building in washington
where Nixon hired people to uncover documents regarding the election
Nixon was impeached but he resigned before he was actually impeached

Fidel Castro Rules Cuba

December 2, 1976 - February 24, 2008

Cuba becomes the first Communist country in the western hemisphere

Margaret Thatcher rules Britain

1979 - 1990

pro Laissez Faire

Gorbachev Rules Russia

11 March 1985 - 25 December 1991

Kadar is forced to retire


Gorbachev put on House Arrest



Japan wins war against Russia (one of Europes weakest empires)



1914 - 1918

United States in WWI

April 1917 - November 11, 1918

US goal is to preserve capitalism

Chinese Civil War

1927 - 1950


1932 - 1945

Italian seizure of Ethiopia


US in WW2

12/07/1941 - 09/02/1945

Pearl Harbor Attack - Japanese on US

December 7, 1941

Ends the US notion that distance equaled security

US bombs Nagisaki

August 1945

US Bombs Hiroshima

August 6, 1945

Greek Civil War

1946 - 1949

Iran Crisis

29 April 1946 - 18 June 1947

U.N. partitions Palestine -- creation of Israel (1947)



1947 - 1994

Berlin Blockade

1948 - 1949

Soviet American fight for Europe becomes a Stalemate

1949 - Approx. 1950

The Korean War

1950 - 1953

Mau Mau Uprising

1952 - 1960

supported by Soviets
opposed by US

Korean Armistice


Chinese begin building Atomic Bomb


The Vietnam War

November 1, 1955 - April 30, 1975

French Israeli invasion


Mao's Great Leap Forward in China

1958 - 1961

US has marines land in Lebanon

July 1958

Their last haisty event

Combat Brigade lands in Cuba


Cuban Missile Crisis

October 14, 1962 - October 28, 1962

LBJ victory over Goldwater


US bombing raids on North Vietnam

1966 - 1967

Six day War


Arab VS. Israeli war

Mao’s leadership compound in Beijing came under siege from thousands of Red Guards


Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia


Soviet Union Uses Military to suppress the Czech

Surprise attack across the Suez Canal


Soviet Union begins deploying her intermediate-range missiles


the SS-20
against trargets in Western Europe

Somalia attacks a Marxist regime in Ethiopia


Somalia was a soviet client
caused the Russians to switch sides

Soviet Union invades Afghanistan


Near Civlil war from Kabul leadership

Approx. July 1979 - Approx. September 1979

Iraq invades Kuwait, Gulf War

August 2 1990 - February 28 1991