European Union


German Surrender; War in Europe Ends

May 1945

Creation of United Nations

June 1945

North Atlantic Treaty Signed

April 1949

Treaty of Paris Signed, creating the European Steel and Coal Community

April 1951

Treaties of Rome signed, creating Euratom and the European Economic Community

March 1957

Euratom and EEC begin to Operate, beginning of the modern EU

January 1958

Britain, Denmark, and Ireland join the community, bringing the membership to 9

January 1973

First direct elections to the European Parliament

June 1979

Greece joins the community, bringing membership to 10

January 1981

Spain and Portugal join the Community, bringing membership to 12

January 1986

German reunification brings former East Germany into the Community

October 1990

Treaty on European Union (Maastricht Treaty) signed

February 1992

Austria, Finland, and Sweden join the EU

January 1995

Treaty of Amsterdam signed

October 1997

Treaty of Nice Signed

December 2000

Euro Currency adopted

March 2002

Ten more states join the EU

May 2004

Bulgaria and Romania join the EU


Croatia joins the EU


Britain votes to leave the EU

June 2016