WWII Timeline JW


Adolf Hitler Commits Suicide

April 20, 1889 - 04/30/1945

Swallowed a Cyanide capsule and shot himself in the head

US passes Neutrality Acts

August 31, 1935

congress passed act to prohibit export of arms, ammunition, and implements of war from the US to foreign nations at war and requiring arms manufacturing in the US to apply for an export license

German Soviet Non Aggression Pact

August 23, 1939 - August 22, 1949

Nazi Germany and Soviet Union agreed to take no military action against each other for 10 years

German Invasion of Poland

September 1, 1939

Nazi Leader Adolph Hitler claimed the massive invasion was a defensive action. Sep 3 was the declaring of war with Germany which started WWII

Fall of France

May 10, 1940 - June 25, 1940

Conquest of France by Germany in WWII in spring of 1940

Battle of Britain

July 10, 1940 - October 31, 1940

Military campaign of the second world war, when the Royal Air force defended UK against the German Air Force attacks from the end of June 1940

Creation of the Einsatzgruppen

June 1941

They followed the German army as it advanced deep into the soviets territory, drew off local civilians and police support

German Invasion of Soviet Union

June 22, 1941 - December 5, 1941

Under the code-name operation "Barbarossa" invaded soviets in the largest German Military operation of WWII

United States Enters WWII

December 7, 1941

They did not enter WWII until after Japan attacked the US in Pearl Harbor

Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

A major US naval base in Hawaii attacked without warning by the Japanese with great loss of American lives and ships

Battle of Stalingrad

1942 - February 2, 1943

Major battle between German DNA d Soviet troops in WWII, ended with surrender of the German Army

Executive Order 9066

February 19, 1942

Presidential executive order signed and issued during WWII by the US president Franklin D. Roosevelt

Battle of Midway Island

June 4, 1942 - June 7, 1942

American planes based on land and on carriers decisively defeated a Japanese fleet on its way to invade MIdway


June 6, 1944

Day in WWII on which allied forces invaded northern France by means of beach landings in Normandy

Liberation of First Holocaust camp

July 23, 1944

Soviet forces were first to approach a major Nazi Camp like this

Partisans Shoot Mussolini

April 28, 1945

Shot by Italian Partisans who had captured him as he attempted to flee to Switzerland

V-E Day

May 8, 1945

Soviets would lose 600 more soldiers in Silesia before the Germans finally surrendered

Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

August 6, 1945

The only time these nuclear weapons were used in war

Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

August 9, 1945

Only time these nuclear weapons were used in war

V-J Day

September 2, 1945

The news of the surrender was announced to the world

Nuremburg Trials

November 20, 1945 - October 1, 1946

Series of trials in which the allies prosecuted German Military leaders, political officials, industrialists, and financiers for crime the had committed during WWII