Rulers of England

Rulers of England

William I (Norman)

1066 - 1087

Domesday Survey - census and tax calculator

William II

1087 - 1100

Extravagant and cruel

Henry I

1100 - 1135

Gave England good laws but with ferocious punishments

Stephen I

1135 - 1154

Grandson William I
Norman barons wielded great power - extorting and looting

Henry II (Plantagenet)

1154 - 1189

Foundation of English jury system. Taxes to pay for military.

Richard I

1189 - 1199

3rd son Henry.
Taxes funded military adventures. Crusader - kidnap almost bankrupted England.


1199 - 1216

4th son Henry II
Cruel, selfish avaricious.
Punitive taxes united society - clerical and lay against him
Magna Carta

Magna Carta


Henry III

1216 - 1272

Pious and weak. Patron of medieval architecture.
Captured by de Montfort and forced to set up 'Parlement'

Battle of Lewes


Rebellion of barons

Edward I

1272 - 1307

Statesman, lawyer and soldier
Formed Model Parliament in 1295 with knights.clergy and nobility / Lords and Commons.
Wanted to unite Britain. Defeated Welsh, not Scottish.

Model Parliament


Edward II

1307 - 1327

Weak and incompetent. Deposed (including by wife and her lover!) and murdered.

Edward III

1327 - 1377

Attempts to conquer Scotland and France led to Hundred Years War.
Renowned warrior - with son The Black Prince.
But wars expensive.

Hundred Years' War

1337 - 1453

With France

Black Death

1348 - 1350

Killed half population in England.

Richard II

1377 - 1399

Extravagant, unjust and faithless.
Put down Peasant Revolt harshly.
Deposed by Henry of Lancaster.

Peasant Revolt


Following Black Death shortage of people on land.
Peasants began to re-evaluate their worth and demand more pay and better conditions.
Law passed to limit wage rise.
Flat rate (one shilling) poll tax to support war with the French.
60,000 marched on London. Murdered the Archbishop of Canterbury and Treasurer.
Feudal system did not end but poll tax dropped

Henry IV (Lancaster)

1399 - 1413

Accepted as King by Parliament
Spent reign trying to avoid plots against him

Henry V

1413 - 1422

Pious, stern and skilful soldier.
Helped put down the rebellions against his father.
Renewed war with France - Agincourt

Henry VI

1422 - 1461

came to throne as a baby.
Inherited mental illness - Duke of York protector of realm.
Founded Eton and Kings, Cambridge

Wars of the Roses

1455 - 1485

Between Duke of York and queen.

Edward IV (York)

1461 - 1483

Poor morals, not popular.

Edward V


Murdered (by uncle?)

Richard III

1483 - 1485

Killed by Henry Richmond (father of Henry IV) at Battle of Bosworth field.

Henry VII (Tudor)

1485 - 1509

Skilful politician but greedy.
Greatly increased material wealth of England.


Early medieval

600 - 1065

High medieval

1066 - 1198

Late medieval

1199 - 1485


1300 - 1550

Early modern

1500 - 1750