Leonardo Da Vinci is Born


Leonardo is sent to live with his grandparents


Leonardo studies in Florence


He is taught Carpentry, Metalwork, Painting, and carving under Andrea Del Verrocchio.

Leonardo Sketches a self-propelling cart.

1478 - 1480

Leonardo Sketches the Parachute


This is the first parachute in the world. The reason it did not work was because it was triangle-shaped.

Leonardo Sketches the Tank.


This is the first tank sketch in the world. It is round and has guns on each side.

Leonardo Sketches an Ideal city


The city was designed so the water supply would not be contaminated with the city waste. The top was the streets and homes, and the bottom was where the sewers and poorest people lived.

Leonardo Sketches the Flying Machine(Airplane)

1488 - 1489

Leonardo made the flying machine with his friend Zoroastro. His flying machine did not work because it was too heavy and had no engine to keep it in the air.

Leonardo Invents the "Aerial Screw"


The Aerial screw was like a helicopter, as it had a propeller moving upwards to the sky.

Leonardo Paints "The Last Supper"

1495 - 1498

The last supper was one of Leonardo's most famous paintings yet. It describes as in the Bible, the Last supper Jesus had before he is betrayed.

Leonardo Paints the "Mona Lisa"

1503 - 1506

This was Leonardo's most famous painting yet. It sits today in the Louvre Museum, constantly viewed by tourists.

Leonardo Paints "John The Baptist"

1513 - 1516

In the Painting, St. John the Baptist is pointing his finger upwards. Some people think Leonardo Painted him like that to symbolize the importance of salvation by Baptism.

Leonardo Da Vinci Dies

May 2, 1519