1788 to Now


Arrival of the 1st Fleet


Outbreak of Smallpox amongst the aborigines at Port Jackson

April 15 1789

Departure from England of the Second Fleet

January 19 1790

Arrival of the Lady Juliana with provisions and 221 female convicts and news of the outbreak of the French Revolution

June 3 1790

Arrival of the Second Fleet

June 20 1790 - June 28 1790

The first ship of the Third Fleet left England

February 16 1791

Signing of first land grant in Australia. (Parramatta)

March 30 1791

Re-naming of Rosehill to Parramatta

June 1791

First Ship of the Third Fleet

July 9 1791

Arrival in Sydney of remainder of the Ships of the Third Fleet

August 1791 - October 1791

First Irish convicts arrive on the Queen

September 26 1791

A hospital was built

November 1792

The first lease was granted for land within the town

December 1792

Estimated white population 4,016