English settlement in Australia


The British came and took Australia as their land.

European Migrants

1800 - Approx. 1900

European settlement in Australia bought about major changes to the diets of the migrant population and Aboriginals.

The colony became self-sufficient

1800 - Approx. 1850

By the start of the eighteenth century wheat, maize and barley were planted and the colony became self-sufficient

Chinese Immigration

1800 - 1848

Several Chinese groups came to Australia in the early eighteenth century and many during the gold rush.

Italian and Greek migration

1900 - Approx. 1950

Product like ricotta, pasta, fetta and salamis began production in Australia.

New Foods

1950 - 1960

During the 1950s delicatessens began to stock cabanossi, international cheeses, pretzels, salami, olives and many other new foods that are now part of everyday Australian life.

Increase in number of restaurants

1960 - 1970

Their was a significant in the number and types of restaurants and other food stores. Chinese, Italian, Greek and Lebanese restaurants spread throughout the cities into suburbs.

Federal government became more committed to a multi-cultural policy

1970 - 1980

Federal government became more committed to a multi-cultural policy that encouraged the different migrant groups to develop aspects of their culture and continue to practice their social customs, relating to lifestyle and food also.

Scandinavia arrive


With the Gold rush more Scandinavia arrived to further improve the dairy industry.

Today Immigration

Approx. 2015

In Australia today 40 per cent of the population is migrant or the children of migrants, with 150 nationalities represented in the 3.7 million Australian residents born overseas. 50 per cent of Australian immigrants are from Asia.