Civil War in Russia

October 1917

It was a multi-party war. It was a war of the former Russian Empire.

Creation of Isreal

May 14, 1948 - Present day

After WWII the Jews were given a land to live in. After the time Israel was finally established in 1948 and is the first and only Jewish state.

Arab-Israeli War

May 15, 1948 - March 1949

The war started when Israel was invaded by the Arab countries. The war was declared after Israel has declared their Independence.

Korean War

June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953

The Korean War started North Korea invaded South Korea. In this war the US entered mainly to fight communism.

Suez Crisis

October 1956

Also named the Tripartite Aggression. It was Egypt being invaded.

Construction of the Berlin Wall

August 13, 1961

The construction of the wall was to separate the communists and the people of democracy. It was a symbol of the Cold-war.

Iran-Iraq War

Sep 22, 1980 - Aug 20, 1988

The war was marked by ballistic-missile attack.