Crusades timeline


first Crusade


When armies of christians from western europe to Pope urban ll's plea to go to war against muslim forces in the Holy Land

Second Crusade

1145 - 1149

It was the second major war europe as a catholic holy war against islam

thrid crusade

1189 - 1192

known as the kings crusade, was an attempt by european leaders to reconquer the Holy Land from Saladin (Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb)

fourth Crusades

1202 - 1204

The Fourth Crusade was a Western European armed expedition called by Pope Innocent III, originally intended to conquer Muslim-controlled Jerusalem by means of an invasion through Egypt.

fifth crusade

1219 - 1221

The Fifth Crusade was an attempt by Western Europeans to reacquire Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land by first conquering the powerful Ayyubid state in Egypt.

sixth crusade

1228 - 1229

The Sixth Crusade started in 1228 as an attempt to regain Jerusalem. It began seven years after the failure of the Fifth Crusade and involved very little actual fighting

seventh crusade

1245 - 1300

The Seventh Crusade was a crusade led by Louis IX of France from 1248 to 1254. His troops were defeated by the Egyptian army led by the Ayyubid Sultan Turanshah