Ancient Israel Timeline


Nebuchadnezzar Destroys Jerusalem and banishes 10,000 Jews

597 B.C.E

Babylonian captivity begins

586 B.C.E

Persians sweep across Southwest Asia and defeat the Caldeans

550 B.C.E

The Persian king Cyrus permits Jews to return to Babylon

538 B.C.E

The Hebrew Bible is created

526 B.C.E

Alexander takes over the Mediterranean

334 B.C.E

Alexander and his army take over Persia and Judah

331 B.C.E

Antiochus conquered Judah and made the Jews worship Greek Gods

168 B.C.E

People known as the Romans conquer Judah

63 B.C.E

Zealots try to drive out Romans but lose and man of them die

66 A.D