Family Heritage Gift Timeline


Susan Christine Barger was born

May 12, 1942

Susan's father wasn't around because he was serving in World War II


Susan started to do chores around the house

Approx. 1954

Susan was introduced to religion by going to youth fellowship


Susan met her Husband Larry Barger


Larry proposed to Susan


Susan and Larry got married

October 22, 1960

First daughter Lori was born

March 28, 1963

Second daughter Lydi was born

April 25, 1971

Third daughter Leslie was born

October 7, 1972

First granddaughter Alyssa was born

December 19, 1989

Second grandchild Kelsey was born

January 11th, 1996

Third grandchild Kolby was born

March 22, 1999

Fourth grandchild Curtis was born

November 23, 1999

Susan's father died

June 25, 2004

Susan's mother died

September 3, 2006

Susan retired from Ambulance Service


Susan's brother RIch died


Fifth grandchild Gianna was born

April 29, 2014

Susan was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer

February 2015

Susan found out she was cancer free

April 2015

First great-grandchild Maverick was born

October 14, 2015