Mike Lipnicky born in Lukranian-Austria

March 26th, 1877

Paul Panasik born in Russia

April 7th, 1899

Mary Lipnicky born in Austria-Hungary

August 18th, 1906

Harold Peters born

March 1st,1911

Mary Lipnicky comes to U.S,


Hazel Marion Kritzman born

August 20th, 1915

Mary Lipnicky marries Paul Panasik

April 18th, 1920

Olga Panasik born in Pennsylvania

November 20th, 1920

Edward Anthony Cary born in Detroit

December 7th, 1922

Hazel and Harold married in Detroit

March 2nd, 1935

Robert Sumpter born in Kentucky

June 9th, 1941

Linda Mary Peters born in Cass City

May 2nd, 1947

Olga Panasik marries Edward Cary

May 5th, 1952

Theodore Joseph Cary born in Detroit

September 11th, 1955

Lisa Marie Sumpter born in Port Huron

September 11th, 1965

Linda Peters marries Robert Sumpter

July 12th, 1966

Lisa Sumpter meets Theodore Cary on blind date

July, 1985

Lisa marries Theodore

July 17th, 1993

Matthew Cary born in Mt. Clemens

May 25th, 2002

Olga dies

December 26th, 2009