EPQ introduction

12 September 2016

Introductory talk about EPQ , aspects of it and deadlines

EPQ lessons

Approx. 21 September 2016 - Approx. 3 May 2017

The supervisor is helping us to decide the theme of the project and teaching us valuable skills like referencing and advising us on each stage of the project.

Pencil drawings

Approx. 23 September 2016 - Approx. 7 October 2016

Making pencil drawings as additional artefacts while waiting for replies from universities


6 October 2016

Prof. Tunstall answered my email regarding the photographs of cadaveric flesh.

Appointment made

31 October 2016

Appointed a day to meet up with Prof. Tunstall


14 November 2016

Prof. Tunstall invited me to the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire to talk me through plastination processes of the specimens, functions and anatomical structures of the ones I was interested in.


15 November 2016

Prof. Tunstall provided me with the photographs taken

Photoshop reference

Approx. 16 November 2016 - Approx. 23 November 2016

Used the photos provided by Prof. Tunstall to make a reference as whole specimen was not available, I had to create it in Photoshop Cs6


Approx. 14 December 2016

I have decided not to include my pencil drawings as artefacts of the project


Approx. 19 December 2016 - Approx. 4 February 2017

Completing the oil painting (36hours)


Approx. 4 January 2017 - Approx. 10 February 2017

Researching information in order to complete my essay


Approx. 20 February 2017 - Approx. 31 March 2017

Writing my 1000 word essay, making corrections and reductions

Making the presentation

19 April 2017 - 23 April 2017

Creating a Prezi presentation


24 April 2017

Presented my EPQ project in front of my supervisor and 2 other teachers.