The Cold War


Yalta Conference

Approx. February 4th 1945 - Approx. February 11th 1945

The biggest thing at this conference is that Stalin wanted self-determination for Poland. Both nations ended up being superpowers leading the world and both wanted to be the best. Both wanted control over the oil production in the Middle East.

Marshall Plan

Approx. June 5th 1947

Economic aid offered by the United States to any European country. This program was rejected by Stalin. Any Eastern Bloc was reprimanded severely, so this was only truly offered to the Western European countries.

Berlin Blockade

Approx. June 24th 1948 - Approx. May 12th 1949

Russia's response to cut all road and rail links to that sector of Berlin brought to attention of France, the USA, and the UK. This is meant that Western Berlin had no access to food and faced starvation. Food was brought to Western Berlin by the UK and US, this was known as the Berlin Airlift.

Geneva Accords

Approx. April 26th 1954 - Approx. July 21st 1954

A set of documents that ended the French War with the Vietminh. This divided Vietnam into North and South states. The North was under rule of the communist leader Ho Chi Minh, and the South was under rule of Ngo Dinh Diem.

Hungarian Revolution

Approx. October 23rd 1956 - Approx. November 10th 1956

Began as a protest against Communist rule in Budapest. On October 24th, Soviet tanks entered Budapest. The tanks withdrew on October 28th, a new government was formed which quickly moved to introduce democracy. The tanks returned on November 4th. The Prime Minister Imre Nagy made a World podcast that Hungary was under attack from the Soviet Union.

Suez Crisis

October 29th 1956 - November 7th 1956