Religion project


The first time I indulged in ice cream, I was a baby at the Zoo for the first time.

Approx. 2003

My first Christmas with my family.

Approx. 2004

Falling down stairs and fracturing my skull as a child

Approx. 2004

Learning to talk; I loved to talk and sing all the time.

Approx. 2005

Learning to ride a bike with my Dad's help.

Approx. 2006

My dad teaching me to throw a baseball.

Approx. 2008

Going camping with my family for the first time.

Approx. 2008

Riding a mountain bike on a trail for the first time.

Approx. 2012

Playing laser tag with my younger brother.

Approx. 2013

Going Rock climbing in Mexico.

Approx. 2013

Going cliff diving in Tulum Mexico.

Approx. 2013

Going zip lining in Maui.

Approx. 2014

Swimming in the sunny oceans and snorkeling with a marine biologist in Maui.

Approx. 2015

My first home run at Foothills Stadium.

Approx. 2015

Hitting a grand slam in the Major Provincial Championship in Lethbridge.

Approx. 2016

Breaking my first wood baseball bat.

Approx. 2016

Making the cross country team

Approx. 2017

Riding a Segway in Phoenix with my family and my grandparents.

April 3, 2017

Hiking the hoodoos of Phoenix.

Approx. April 14, 2017