Middle East


Azar Nafisi is born


Azar Nafisi is born in Tehran, Iran.

Hakakian is born


Roya Hakakisn is born

Azar moved to Oklahoma


Azar moved to Oklahoma with her now ex-husband. After her and her ex-husband divorced, she met another man who is now her husband.

Moving back to Iran


Azar and her husband moved back to Iran and Azar started to teach literature at Tehran University.

Ayatollah Khomeine returns, and laws change

February 1, 1979 - February 2, 1979

Ayatollah Khomeine returns to Iran and assumes power. The Family Protection Law is reversed, lifting the restriction on polygamy and givingmen full right sin divorce and custody. The marriage age for girls is lowered to nine

Women lose rights

March 1979

Women are banned from serving as judges. Beaches and sports events are sepregated by sex.

Women have to wear uniforms, and universities shut down


Khomeini requires all women to wear Islamic uniform in all government offices. Universities are shut down to undergo "cultural revolution".

Iraqi invades Iran


Iraqi forces invades Iran and a war, lasting for nearly a decade, begins.

Azar is banned from School


Azar is expelled from teaching because she refused to wear the mandatroy Islamic veil.

Treatment of Women


The Islamic penal code is implemented. Under this law, women who do not abide by the Islamic dress code must receive seventy-four lashes, and those who commit adultery must be stoned to death.

Roya leaves Iran


Roya Hakakian leaves Iran for America

Returning the the U.S.


Azar and her family left Iran and returned to the States. When she arrived, she started to write her book Reading Lolita in Tehran.

Malala is Born

July 12, 1997

Malala Yousafzai is born in Mingora

Rodriguez's Journey

2002 - 2005

Deborah struggled with many things including a language barrier, overstepping cultural customs, and living in the midst of a war.

Rodriguez leaves for Afganistan


Deborah Rodriguez leaves for Afganistan to teach beauty school to some of the girls there

First class at Kabul Beauty School


Kabul Beauty School welcomes its first class

Malala's Speech


Girl's schools are targeted by the Taliban. Malala, an eleven year old, gave a speech entitled “How Dare the Taliban Take Away My Basic Right to an Education.” Her talk was very well-received.

Malala wins Award


Malala wins Pakistan’s National Youth Peace Prize which has been renamed in her honor.

Malala is shot

October 9, 2012

Malala was shot by a masked gunman in the head.