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farming villages thrived all along nile

3500 bc

the earliest known examples of Egyptian writing

3300 bc

Two Kingdoms started on the nile

3200 bc

Menes rose to power in upper egypt

3100 bc

The Third Dynasty rises to power

2700 bc

The Old Kingdom

2700 bc - 2200 bc

Khufu rose to power

2500 bc

Mentuhotep defeated his rivals

2250 bc

Egypt has 2 million People

2200 bc

Middle Kingdom

2050 bc - 1750 bc

Ending becouse Hyksos Invaded

a leader took control of other villages and the new kingdom was called Kush

2000 bc

Hyksos invaded lower Egypt

1700 bc

the new kingdom

1550 bc - 1050 bc

the Egyptians fought back

1500 bc

Queen Hatshepsut ruled

1472 bc - 1458 bc

Egypt was the leading military power in the region

1400 bc

the pharaoh Ramses came to power

1279 bc - 1213 bc

Kush regains Power

850 bc

the Kushite king had conquered upper Egypt

751 bc

Assyrians invaded Egypt

670 bc

first woman to rule Kush was queen Shanakhdakhteo

170 bc - 150 bc

Kush lost much of its wealth and military


Aksumite army destoryed Meroe and took over Kush


the rulers of Aksum became Christian


A French soldier gave historians the key they needed to read ancient egyptian writing


Archaeologists found the tomb of King Tutankhamun