Cold War


WWII dies down


U.S. economy booms during the War


The United States was producing more than half of the world's total industrial output.

Yalta Conference

February 1945

The Allied leader meet together where they decided to divide Germany into four occupation zones controlled by different Allied Nations. They also declared their support for self-government and free elections in Eastern Europe.

Truman becomes president

April 12, 1945

FDR dies

April 12, 1945

Potsdam Conference

July 1945

The Allied forces meet up again to finalize their postwar plans for Germany, which included the division of Berlin into occupation zones.

Greek civil war begins


Communist rebels try to overtake the Greek government.

Shift in the balance of world powers


The two global wars and the destruction of economic infrastructure had weakened formerly strong countries such as Britain, France, and Germany. The U.S. and the Soviet Union stood alone in leading powers

Stalin speech

February 1946

Stalin gave a speech attacking capitalism. He declared that peace was impossible as long as capitalism existed.

Truman Doctrine


Britain can no longer fund Turkey or Greece


The Marshall Plan

June 1947

The U.S. puts forth $13 billion to help rebuild Europe