Quing Dynasty


The Quing Dynasty ends

Sin Yixian


Revolutionary who wanted to modernize China

WWI Declare War on Germany

august 14 1917 - Nov 11, 1918

China becomes involved in WWI, and fought with the Allies. They hoped for land.

Jiang Jieshi


Jiang Jieshi joined the Chinese Nationalist party. Expelled chinese communist from the party.

China and the Treaty of Versailles


China was supposed to get a piece of land back in the treaty, but Japan took it. (Shandong Peninsula)

May the Fourth Movement

May 4th 1919

May fourth movement. Anti imperialist movement led by Chinese students. 3,000 Bejing students protest the weak Chinese government for giving land to Japan in the Treaty of Versailles. They turned against Democracy and were pro communism(Lenin)


1921 - 1945

The peasant class favored the communist party in China. They thought it would be a better life under a communist rule.

Mao Zedong Chinese Communist Party


Mao created the Chinese Communist Party. He became friends with Lenin.

Chinese Communist Party

July 1 1921 - Oct 1, 1949

This was the start of the modern Chinese government under a communist rule. The peasants supported the communists.

Chinese Civil War


The National Republic of China fought against the Nationalists like Sun and Jiang Jieshi.

Long March

1934 - 1935

The Red Army retreated from the Nationalist party.

People's Republic of China (Communism)

Oct 1, 1949 - Present

The People's Republic of China was formed, it was the communist government.