North Carolina


Capital: Bath

1710 - 1722

Founding of North Carolina

December 7, 1710

Blackbeard's Death


Capitol: Edenton

1722 - 1743

Capital: Brunswick Town

1743 - 1770

Capital: New Bern

1770 - 1776

Battle of Moores Creek Bridge

February 27, 1776

The Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge is the first battle of the American Revolution to be fought in North Carolina.

NC votes for independence

April 12, 1776

North Carolina becomes the first state to vote in favor of independence.


November 21, 1789

Capital: Raleigh

1794 - Present

The capital of North Carolina, which had previously been located in New Bern, is moved to Raleigh.

Walton War

1804 - 1818

The "Walton War" is fought between residents of Georgia and North Carolina.

Andrew Jackson Gets Elected


North Carolina Native Andrew Jackson becomes the 7th president of the United States

State Capitol Burns


Workmen attempting to fireproof the roof of the State Capitol ironically end up setting the building aflame.

Trail of Tears


The U. S. government forces Cherokee Indians from their homes in what becomes known as the "Trail of Tears." Many Cherokee hide in the mountains of North Carolina.

First Public School


The first public schools open in North Carolina, based on a plan that had been drafted in 1817.

Seceding From the Union

1861 - 1868

Civil War

1861 - 1865

The United States Civil War. Some 40,000 North Carolinians are killed over the course of the war.

Battle of Albemarle Sound

May 5, 1864

First Bill: Women Voting


The first bill to give women the right to vote in North Carolina is proposed, but is sent to a committee on insane asylums and is never passed.

First Successful Flight


The Wright brothers make man's first successful flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.


1917 - 1918

The United States enters World War I

Women can vote


The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution passes, giving women the right to vote across the country, including in North Carolina.

Hurricane Floyd


Hurricane Floyd slams into North Carolina, bringing with it flood waters that devastate many areas in the eastern part of the state.