Cold War timeline


the ussr tightened it's grip on all of its satallite nations or countries under one nations control

1940 - 1949

The soviets ignored an agreement with Britain stating that both countries would withdraw within six months of the wars end


The United States was producing more than half of the worlds total of the industrial output


Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin meet at Yalta confrence


decided to divide Germany into 4 occupation zones each controlled be a different allied country, they declare their support for self government and free elections in Eastern Europe

japan surrenders


Germany defeated, the allied leaders met again in Potsdam near Berlin

July, 1945

at the Potsdam conference the allies finalized their postwar plans, including the division of Berlin into occupation zones

The balance in the power in the world was shifting


two globals wars and the destruction of economic infrastructure had greatly weakened formerly strong countries such as : Britian, France, and Germany

American scientist conducted tests of two atomic bombs at bikini atoll in the marshal lands of the pacific oceans


Stallin gave his speech attacking capitalism

February 1946

He declared that peace was impossible as long as capitalism exists

concerns deepened when the Soveits refused to withdraw troops from Northern Iran

March, 1946

The Marshall Plan


Joseph Stalin amassed soviet troops on the Czech border and demanded the formation of all communist government

February 1948

the us, great britian, and france announced plans to merge their occupation zones to form a new country called the Federal Republic of Germany

march 1948

-the country would have a democratic government and a capitalist economy

The soviet union imposed a blockade on Berlin halting all land travel into the city from the allied occupation zones

June 24, 1948

The united states, canada, and 10 countries of western europe formed the north atlantic treaty organization


it was a plan for collective authority, they formed a standing army for western europe

Mao formed the people's republic of china, the usa refused to recognize the new state


The communist defeated the nationalist


Nuclear testing on bikini atoll continued for three years the United States was the only country with an atomic bomb

Approx. 1950 - 1959

The cold war had divided the world into 3 groups of nations

Approx. 1950 - 1959

The United States and the Soviet Union were deeply involved in the cold war

Approx. 1950 - 1959

The Soviet shut down a us spy plane over the ussr

May 1, 1950

The government created the united states information agency


the creation of nato prompted the soviet union to form its own security alliance


thousands of Hungarians took part in a brief revolt in the communist government

October 1956

Members of the Dominican Republic elected a non-communist reformer as president


Juan Basch supporters started a civil war to return him to power