Mason, Mich Newspapers


Ingham Telegraph

April 1842 - December 1842

Began publishing in April of 1842 by Mark A. Childs. It was a Whig newspaper.

Peninsular Star


Began publishing roughly 1844 by G.W. Raney and J.H. Wells.

Ingham Herald

December 1844

Began publishing in December of 1844 by Child and Stillman. It was also a Whig newspaper.

Ingham Democrat

March 28th, 1845

Began publishing in March of 1845 by Storey and Cheney. Initially made as a Democratic newspaper to print the tax list.

Masonian Times

August 15, 1845

Began publishing in August of 1845 by H.J. Dacre.

The Ingham County Herald


Began publishing prior to 1859 by D.W.C. Smith.

The Ingham County News

June 23, 1859 - 1999

Began publishing in June of 1859 by D.B. Harrington. Also had the title of Ingham County Weekly News. Absorbed the Ingham County Democrat. In 1999, it changed titles to Ingham County Community News.

Ingham County Democrat

June 2 1876 - March 28 1917

Began publishing in June of 1876 by J. Vernon Johnson. Was absorbed by The Ingham County News in March of 1917.