Chinese Civil War - Course


Autumn Harvest Uprising

August 1927 - September 1927

CCP failed counter-attack on the white terror

Nationalist Party established


Nat are now ruling party of China

Nanjing Decade

1928 - 1937

Communists at Jiangxi

1928 - 1934

CCP flees and sets up Jiangxi Soviet

Encirclement campaigns

1930 - 1934

1st encirclement campaign

Nov 1930

Nat. Fail

Japan occupation of Manchuria

Sept 1931

5th encirclement campaign

Sept 1933 - Oct 1934

Nat succeed due to both sides changing tactics

Long March

1934 - 1935

CCP at Yanan

1935 - 1947

2nd UF

1936 - 1945

Xi'an Incident and formation of 2nd UF


Chiang kidnapped

Second Sino-Japanese War

July 7, 1937 - September 9, 1945

USA Intervention in Sino-Japanese War

Dec. 1941

after Pearl Harbour

Struggle for Manchuria

1946 - 1947

Chiang unable to capture Manchuria, CCP turn into a base, Support for chiang wavers

Soviet troops finally left

May 1946

CCP able to extend control however Nat fight back and looks like CCP going to lose

Truce in Manchuria

June 1946 - October 1946

ceasefire that helped CCP significantly. During this time CCP received aid from Soviets as well.

Strongpoint offensive TURNING POINT


Nat offensive and defeat. Mao changes tactics to offensive

Liaoshen campaign

September 1948 - November 1948

Mao attacks last remaining Nat bases in Manchuria. Changchun and Shenyang surrender

Pingjin campaign

November 1948 - January 1949

Beijing falls into Communist hands

Huaihai Campaign

November 1948 - January 1949

Chiang positioned forces and battled at Xuzhou. Communists win

US reluctant to give more aid

January 1949

PRC established

October 1949


December 1949

Chiang flees to Taiwan