Civil Rights Movement


May 1954-Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

May 1954

December 1955-Martin Luther King Jr. holds meeting to encourage protesting

December 1955

December 1955-Rosa Parks refuses to give up bus seat

December 1955

December 1955-Montgomery bus boycott

december 1955

January 1957-Southern Christian Leadership Conference formed

January 1957

September 1957-Civil Rights Act of 1957 passed

September 1957

September 1957-Eisenhower sends troops to Little Rock to help integration

September 1957

February 1960-Sit in protests begin

February 1960

May 1961-Freedom Riders began boycotting buses

May 1961

August 1962-Poll tax passed

august 1962

September 1962-Kennedy sends troops for James Meredith at the University of Mississippi

September 1962

Spring 1963-Martin Luther King Jr. in jail for Birmingham demonstration


August 1963-March on Washington

August 1963

August 1963- MLK "I Have a Dream" speech

august 1963

January 1964-Poll tax abolished

january 1964

July 1964-Civil Rights Act of 1964

July 1964

October 1964-24 African American churches in Mississippi bombed

october 1964

January 1965-Selma March

January 1965

August 1965-Malcolm X assasinated

August 1965

August 1965-Race riots in neighborhood of Watts (LA)

august 1965

August 1965-Voting Rights Act passed

august 1965

January 1966-Chicago Movement

january 1966

October 1966-Black Panther Party

october 1966

April 1968-Martin Luther King Jr. assasinated

April 1968

April 1968-Civil Rights Act of 1968 passed

April 1968