Italy in the middle ages


the Empire of Sicily

Approx. 902

Byzantine Empire was trasformed into the Empire of Sicily

Lombard Kingdom

Approx. 962

Lombard Kingdom was known as Kingdom of Italy

Roger II King of Sicily


Federick I Barbarossa

1155 - 1190

Federick Barbarossa the Holy Roman Emperor

Hohenstaufen Dynasty


Hohenstaufen Dynasty in conflict with the Papacy

Federick Ii

1220 - 1250

Federick Ii tries to assert his autority in northen Italy

The kingdom of Sicily, Papal possession


Pope Urban IV proclaimed the Kingdom of Sicily a Papal possession

Charles of Anjou


Manfred was deposed and Charles of Anjou obtained the crown

War of Sicilian Vespers


Angevin Dynasty

1409 - 1443

Angevin Dynasty ruled the Kingdom of Naples

Alfonso V of Aragon

1443 - 1448

Alfonso V of Aragon king of Naples

Ferdinand I

1448 - 1494

Ferdinand I obtained the Kingdom of Naples